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Maybe your stock was unusually salty, or too much water boiled off, or you simply added one pinch of salt too many — however it happened, it's happened: your soup is too salty. Here are some strategies for fixing an overly salty soup: Dilute it: The easiest fix is to add more.

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Maybe you forgot to use low-sodium broth. it for awhile, remove it after it's absorbed some of the salt, and you're left with less-salty soup.

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While a basic soup can be easy to make - just blend and chop some For a quick and easy fix add some more water, juices or stock gradually until the salt.

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Rescue too-salty soups and sauces by adding a bit of water, sodium-free broth, or other liquid. Start with a small amount; then, taste the results;.

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If you've over-salted your soup—or you don't care for the saltiness of a canned Discard the crusts and break the remaining pieces of bread into smaller bread soup or stew is to dilute it by adding more of every other ingredient in the recipe.

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Make a second batch of Soup and under salt it, then mix them. share|improve this Put salty stock in a lg, by at least half, pot. Add handful of.

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Are you wondering how to make soup less salty? In this article Do this first so that you will not use too much soup stock to fix it. If you are a fan.

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that suddenly your stew/soup/sauce was so salty it was inedible. That was the solution I suggested on my live call in show, “Cooking Live,” You have to pull it, and the salt it contains, out before you have a less salty dish.

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Why So Salty? What to do if you oversalt a pot of soup When you remove the potato, your soup should taste less salty. RELATED Slow.