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I recommend about a foot or two of each color (or do both the same color) on the first lanyard. This will make a keychain-sized lanyard. Cut one string, then.

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Learn how to make boondoggle keychains using plastic cording. This popular summer camp craft is fun for kids of all ages!.

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This guide will show you how to make the next lanyard in my series. The spiral lanyard. I hope you enjoy. Get two colors of Craft Lace or plastic string.

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This will be the first in a series of guides on how to make different patterns with lanyards. This is also called boondoggle. Grab two colors of craft lace or plastic.

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Whaline Feet Gimp Bracelet Scoubidou String DIY Craft Plastic Lacing Cord for Jewelry Making with Snap Clip Hooks Keychain Ring Clips, 16 Colors.

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You know that colorful plastic string stuff you made keychains and bracelets with during summer . You MAKE a boondoggle from gimp/lanyard.

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Follow the easy steps at HowStuffWorks. How to Make Beaded Key Chains String a white bead onto the left strand and slide it all the way up to the knot.

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Miss Renaissance shows us how to make some gorgeous leather tassel keychains that would be wonderful as best friend gifts, wrapping toppers or even .