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As a child, I always had an olive oil vigil lamp to light up the icons in my room. It was comforting.

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The vigil lamp is a candle burning lamp that is placed before an icon as a reminder Usually vigil lamps are lit using oil, usually olive oil, as the fuel feeding a.

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Vigil Lamp Glass, Wicks & Oil. Vigil Lamps, Oil, Glass, and Accessories They graciously offered to us to take over their oil business, and we continue to do.

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Is there a reason that standard lamp oil isn't used? Does it burn poorly . To make a wick, use cotton string about one foot in length. Do not use.

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When we light a vigil lamp with olive oil, we are asking God to have I would like to maintain a sleepless lamp, but I do keep a lamp lit part of.

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When putting in a new wick, make sure that it is the correct thickness for the wick Vigil lamp oil when burned in front of your icons becomes sanctified (it is often .