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When a page contains the webm"> tag, it can easily set loop to true. However, when media is opened in a tab directly in the.

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When opening a video file such as WebM, it gets loop attribute. you help support its continued development by making a small contribution.

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Do I have to download a script and greasemonkey it or something like that?.

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Is it possible to make webm free converter loop? A: You should turn on "loop" option in EasyHTML5Video application. webm seamless loop android · firefox looping mp4 · upload webm loop · webm perfect loop · how to loop webm videos .

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what you need to do is track the currentTime attribute (you can use the timeupdate event for that) and when it gets close to the end (the duration.

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I think the reason why you can't loop the video in Chrome is that for chrome the video only loops when served up by a server that understands.