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If you treat people as being every bit as valuable as you are, if not more so, it's difficult to sound bossy. Everyone likes to be treated with respect. If a cleaner.

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I often try to suggest my ideas rather than ask someone to do it because I do not want to put anyone on the spot or sound like I think I am in.

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Many times it's not what you say that comes off as bossy, it's how you say it. . and hate the sound of the term "Plan B." However, if you want to stop being bossy .

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Our psychometrician shares 6 tips to help you stop being bossy at work. Good. Co Team December 15, 0 K views how to not be bossy at work. Share.

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Make your actions count - not the loudness of your voice!.

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But did you ever tell them that Facebook use was only acceptable at lunch (or not acceptable at all)? If their last employer had no issues with Facebook use, then.