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There are several pathways to dual citizenship with France. If you can answer yes to the next few questions, you may apply for French citizenship without giving .

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Those born in France to foreign parents may acquire French citizenship at birth, if stateless. Otherwise, they may acquire citizenship at the following ages.

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You can apply for French citizenship if either of your parents are French, of France, as well as of another country, known as dual citizenship.

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After living in France for five years – or less in some cases – you can apply for As France allows dual citizenship, British citizens who qualify can consider an.

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French nationality law is historically based on the principles of jus soli according to Ernest A child born in France to foreign parents may acquire French citizenship: . Dual citizenship was officially recognized for both men and women on 9 January ; since then, possession of more than one nationality does not affect.

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A foreigner who is married to a citizen of the Republic of France does not automatically acquire dual French citizenship, and must permanent resident status in.

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This is a prerequisite to obtaining French citizenship through naturalization. .. France allows dual nationality with some other countries, including the United.

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Obtaining dual citizenship in the United States and France is possible, but it does take time and effort. Though the U.S. doesn't technically.