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I prefer a traditional, 'soft' oil finish that sets in the wood, rather than on it. These finishes are far more long-lasting. They age with the gun.

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A Tru-Oil finish is weather resistant (this is the term Birchwood Casey uses, not “ proof”), looks terrific, is very tough, and can be easily repaired.

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Disclaimer: If the gun you're considering for refinishing is a collectible, please be advised that any alteration to the originality of the firearm, including refinishing.

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Stock Finishing. GUNSTOCK REFINISHING. You will needs some basic materials and oils: Red Oil. This is a traditional stock colouring agent and is made from.

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Easy-to-use Tru-Oil brings out the warm, natural beauty of a wood stock and gives it the look of a deep, rich, hand-rubbed finish without the hassle. It requires an.

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I hate doing wood work and especially stock refinishing, but over a 30 Here's my directions to get a true custom gun oil finish with the "egg.

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Perhaps the gold standard of gunstock finishes, Tru-Oil is a longtime old reliable favorite. Made of natural oils blended with linseed oil, this finish provides a rich.

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There is no better oil finish! TRU-OIL Gun Stock Finish is the professional's choice for gunstock (or furniture) finishing for more than 30 years. Its unique blend of.

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