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Here are BolehVPN's simple & hassle-free methods to unblock restricted websites which can be used anywhere in the world.

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blocked site malaysia. In Malaysia, Malaysian Bypass TM DNS a) Open up a Google Chrome browser in your smartphone.

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Accessing any of the blocked website using Internet Explorer will for an ISP to block access to websites and Malaysian ISP simply blocks.

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For those who want to go some website but they cant access(like the picture below), i want to tell u that's not your connection's prob. (It's haved been blocked) :.

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When you try to access a blocked website, the ISP's DNS says you can't proceed Once activated, you can start browsing all the blocked websites. . Malaysia Flip Flop THE MALAYSIAN ROGUE BANKER WHO WEAR'S.

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4 Ways to bypass censorship in Malaysia and access blocked websites like Malaysiakini, Youtube and Facebook.