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It's replaced by "Edit Top Rows". You can change that command in the Tools > Options > SQL Server Object Explorer > Commands.

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You can open Table Designer by opening a new or existing table. to a SQL Azure database, the new table option will launch a create table.

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Open Enterprise Manager and expand the registered SQL Server.

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List non-temporary open tables. SQL Statements & Structure» SQL Statements » Administrative SQL Statements» SHOW» SHOW OPEN TABLES.

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SHOW OPEN TABLES [{FROM | IN} db_name] [LIKE 'pattern' | WHERE expr]. SHOW OPEN TABLES lists the non- TEMPORARY tables that are currently open in.

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sql files are not tables per se. They're an exported database. Basically code for the database software to create the tables and such. CREATE.

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Today, a customer asked me how to open a table in SQL Server to edit the rows in a table manually as she is able to do it in SQL

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I'm a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts, so imagine my dismay when I noticed that the new SQL Server "open table" option, available in.

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This information was gathered after many searches to find out how to open a stupid table in table view instead of design view. I found this.

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SQL Server Mgmt Studio allows one to open tables for editing data. In order for LINQPad to be able to replace SQL Server Mgmt Studio, as the.