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Open Serfas Bike Case, place top half on ground and set aside the three foam sections. 2. Disassemble bicycle. Remove pedals, seat-post and stem.

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Instructions. Home>; Videos>; Serfas Bike Case Packing Instructions Serfas Bike Case. This video explains the packing instructions for the Serfas bike case.

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Tried and true, the Serfas® SBC Bike Case has been allowing cyclists BikeRadar: Best Value Award for Bike Boxes & Bags – “Simple, solidly built and.

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SERFAS Bike Transport Case (SBT)-THE SERFAS SBT The Value Bike Case The All while providing basically the same amount of interior room to pack.

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Pez reviews the Serfas Bike Armor transport case. Mrs. Pez would have been proud of all the extra stuff I could pack. So upon opening the.

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Looking to get a box to travel with and am considering a few. i fly with a Serfas Bike Armor case (similar to Trico). got it off craiglist with very shlt. there's a good video on youtube on the basics of packing a bike in a travel.

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Step-by-steps instructions to help you prepare your bike for shipping. Pack Bike boxes, Bike Bags, Bikes Cases, Wheel Bags, Foam Tubing, and More. Shop .