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Walkthrough for the levels for 40x Escape in the word “ESCAPE” except for the letter S. Level Note the level number at the bottom of the screen,

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How do you beat level 27 on 40x Escape? To beat level 27 on 40xEscape, press the fourth button 4 times. 40x Escape is a logic game for kids in grades five and.

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Using the buttons (e l v n) spell the word eleven. You can dothis if you use the e three times.

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spell "eleven" using the four buttons (elvn), use E three times. click and light letters . How do you beat level 11 on 40x escape? Using the buttons.

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But have you got what it takes to escape? 40 times ALL COMMENTS. comments. Back to 40xEscape I am stuck on 11 can you help me please.

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40xEscape is an entry into our 10th Casual Gameplay Design Competition, with "A door firmly locked. But do you have what it takes to escape? 40x times. .. I can see this being hard to beat. . houseworkisevil • October 8, PM.