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How to Execute Stored Procedure in SSIS Execute SQL Task in SSIS . to realize from the stored recordset and pass in the recordset variable.

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This stored procedure has two required parameters that you need to pass: Drag-drop Execute SQL Task from the SSIS Toolbox to the Control.

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I am trying to execute a stored procedure with SSIS package that passes down two parameters. So I've created an SSIS package Illusrated.

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In your Execute SQL Task, make sure SQLSourceType is set to Direct Input, then your SQL Statement is the name of the stored proc, with questionmarks for each.

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Hi, I've a variable "varProcessDate" which is a TimeStamp that I want to feed into a stored procedure. I'm sure someone already answered this.

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Hi, I'm using SSIS In SSIS, what is the correct syntax to call a stored procedure (pass it 2 arguments) that returns a value such as.

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NET page that sends 2 variables (Div and ID) into an SSIS package. That works I want to pass 2 parameters into a stored procedure though.