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When it comes to planting food plots for white-tailed deer, it's hard to beat clover for several reasons. Clover is relatively easy to establish.

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It's hard to beat a good clover plot. (Bill Konway/Realtree photo). Grasses and clovers are good plants to use in your wildlife openings and are.

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Have you ever planted white clover for deer? (Bill Konway photo). White clover just might be one of the best all-around legume food sources for.

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And, when it comes to planting food plots you can't beat clover. Clover is relatively easy to grow, is loaded with nutrition, and whitetails simply love it. A good.

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First, a short list of why you should plant clover for deer is in order. I've heard it said and I'm certain you have, too, "Ryegrass is all you need." "Turnips are my.

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Planting food plots has absolutely taken off in the last decade. You've got chicory, sugar beets, brassicas, clovers, cereal grains, corn, soy.

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We show you how to plant the perfect clover field. It is entirely weed free and heavily utilized by deer. In this article I share my 5 steps to.

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Clover Choices for Year-Round Food Plots. What can you plant one time in a food plot, and for years thereafter not have to do anything but enjoy seeing deer.