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This, coupled with how easy it is to grow, means that silver beet is often taken pink, yellow and orange looks particularly striking backlit by the afternoon sun.

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One of the most rewarding plants a new gardener can try is Silverbeet! green leaves with striking red stems and veins), Golden Chard (yellow stems/veins).

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Silver beet is a great staple vegetable to grow – it's easy, fast green leaves with stems in a variety of colours including white, yellow, and red.

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2 PRIMEFACT , SILVER BEET GROWING. The stems can be white, red, pink, orange or yellow. The leaves may be smooth or crinkled.

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The best times to plant and grow Silverbeet in New Zealand - cool/mountain regions. Some varieties have red, yellow or orange stalks. They are all edible.

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Silverbeet is grown throughout the year in the Perth Metropolitan Area. green leaves and stems that can be white, pink, orange, red or yellow.

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The leaves grow from a crown, at the base of the plant. Swiss chard can come in a variety of colors, including white, pink, yellow, green, red and.