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When you tape around your emblem on your truck, make sure to get all of the chrome because when Plasti Dip is dry, it will just peel right off.

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Using Plasti-dip to Change Emblem Colors: PAINT/MODIFICATION Using Plasti- dip to Change Emblem Colors I take no responsibility for any damage that may.

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I have my emblems plastidipped currently, but wonder if there are any advantages to the I'm much happier with the plasti dip over the vinyl.

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I have been looking through some posts on plasti dip lately, and it seems that most people are taping off the chrome parts of the emblems.

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I'm wondering if anyone has plasti dipped their grille and tailgate bowties with the rough textur Bowtie, Silverado, Plastidip.

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Trucks & Trailers - Plasti Dip my Silverado emblems, awesome! - I decided to give the DIY a try and watched some videos on you tube.

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Purple Plasti-Dip Chevy Bowtie on my Rocky Ridge Silverado #chevy # silverado #plastidip #purple #bowtie #emblems.