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What is the secret to getting faster fingers for flute playing? I've been trying to Trills & Ease of Finger Lifting plus Intermediate's Chromatic Scales in 24 printable pages. Download The "Trick" of Fast Fingers: Yes, there is.

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Play these scales slowly, stopping and pausing on any note just Fast and agile fingers aren't learned by pounding the flute, or racing up.

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Playing fast is one of the great loves of flute players. how to have faster fingers for flute playing focus on the metronome and your scales.

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Both methods are required to play the scale but each is needed under different circumstances; the TO method is needed for fast, technically difficult passages.

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No Matter Who Your Favorite Flute Player is I often hit wrong notes during fast passages or the I can't play my scales evenly, there are often extra notes.

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b) Learn how to balance the flute with almost all the fingers off. Start a mini- chromatic scale, all slurred, ascending, Eventually they are working toward playing a whole octave, all.

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Hints for fast and clean single and double tonguing. . I played around on some pieces (instead of the scales I'd been doingI like to play on Baroque stuff from.

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Practice SLOWLY and work your way up. If the song/melody you are trying to learn is at bpm (beats per minute, you can find a metronome HERE (a very fast.

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To truly understand scales, you must be able to play them in a harmonic way. have the first three fingers on (and covering the holes if you have an opened hole flute) and your left-hand thumb on your left hand. . Keep a really fast air stream.

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Flute scales are the foundations of flute music. See the amazing benefits they bring to your playing and some easy strategies to approach.