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Learn what it takes to play offensive line in football and some basics that can make you a better player.

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In a football game, the offensive line's job is to protect the quarterback. Linemen need to develop certain characteristics, both individually and as a unit.

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Play the offensive line. The best offensive line can be small but you need to have lots of strength. Always know your assignment in any football position but.

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Master 11 Basic Offensive Line Techniques and Fundamentals with Coach Steven Offensive linemen are the unsung heroes of every football team. Finally, the offensive player must work his hips and hands to steer the.

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Your first three steps off the snap of the ball will be the most important. It is imperative to get all three steps down as quick as possible. This is regardless of.

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Young offensive linemen find success by executing the basic skills. To coach a winning youth football player, repetition is important, beginning with the basics.

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The heart and soul of any good football team is its offensive line. The little things are the basic fundamentals that pertain to offensive line play before the.

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The offensive line is primarily responsible for blocking. During normal play, offensive linemen do not handle the.