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Player with the highest card rides the bus, and if high cards match, the next card is used as the tiebreaker. If all cards are identical between.

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Ride the bus is a drinking game played through using a standard pack of cards. The object of the game is to have the fewest cards at the end of the round.

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Thankfully, the ol' Ring of Fire isn't the only drinking game you can play with a large group and a deck of cards. Enter, Ride the Bus. While the.

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Ride the bus is an interesting drinking game with simple rules. PartyJoys Deal out the rest of the cards equally among all players, playing the drinking game.

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OVERVIEW of Ride The Bus OR Fuck The Bus Drinking Game: This game is very similar to Pyramid. The aim of this game is to hope that the 4 cards you have.

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All you need to play the classic ride the bus drinking game is a deck of cards and beer (or any alcohol of your choice). Deal the cards by asking a series of 4.

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Deal out the rest of the cards to everyone who is playing the game. If any numbered card is flipped over, the individuals riding the bus get to.

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Ride the Bus: Classic Ride the Bus or 31 card game against 3 computer opponents. Try to get as close This game has been played times.