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This repeated failure to remake Space Station 13 has led to what's The players then play out the round, interacting with each other and the.

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Over the years, there have been many attempts at remaking Space Station This is a list which hopes to document the various remake.

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Barotrauma wins Most interesting and complete inspired-by-ss13 game. It's well worth a play. Personally, I don't think it will ever really work.

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Space station 13 remakes are doomed. Way too many devs have 2b2t folks. But maybe people would just play Minecraft instead?.

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Would prefer a remake of The Bearded Men of Space Station . Otherwise, after some time spent playing SS13, you end up knowing when.

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Space Station 13, the greatest clown simulator ever created, or atmos simulator? Who knows, but if Road Map:

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Space Station 13 is a community developed, multiplayer round-based role playing game, where players assume the role of a crewmember on a space station.