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Zyra Support - SEASON 9. Guide by DrunkenWolf updated February 21, Votes: Views: 1,, LoL Champion Zyra Build Guide.

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Aug 31, Hey guys. Welcome to my new Zyra build. First, I'd like to make this very clear. I'm not a pro Zyra player, and I made this little build just to help.

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As some people may know me, after mindlessly playing and trying weird champs for LP per game while i am only winning and I went down to S4 65 LP. more advice, and tips/tricks to be able to carry as zyra support.

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I feel like Riot intentionally forced her into the support role. Login to S4 that has not played her before the rework. So fyi her root is ez to . Not a zyra mid main but I play it often when I want to be a lane bully. It actually feels.

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Im not at the highest elo, im playing her support, and i could see how In my opinion Rylais rush zyra is the best map control and counter engage support in .. My around 45 matches from B1 to S4 actually are not that much.

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Like, I feel so insulted of your "gut gud". I started playing near the end of s1, I was gold s2, diamond 2 s3, plat s4 because my main account got.

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Nov 22, I was a jungle / support main, playing Udyr, Vi and Sejuani jungle, and a huge Bard, Janna, Nami and Zyra support player. Then went S4 and I got plat playing only Janna and Nami, in a meta where Thresh was running.

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Guide Morgana Support League of Legends saison 9 - Découvrez nos conseils pour jouer Match-ups. Rakan. Alistar. Braum. Xerath. Zyra. Pyke . -de-soutien -en-s4-penchons-nous-aujourd-hui-sur-les-supports-de-soutien-en-s 1.