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The Raf Raf Charcoal Bamboo Insert is the most important feature of Raf Raf AI2 Cloth Diapers. It is highly for the inserts. A little known natural fabric, charcoal bamboo has a long list of benefits, such as: Wash and Care Instructions.

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We listened to all your feedback and RETAINED the Charcoal Bamboo Insert ( thanks for (ie. chemical-free), plus it retains the benefits of Charcoal Bamboo. level to make the cloth diaper "itchy-hand-proof", so it'll be attached more snugly.

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I just got new bamboo charcoal inserts for my flip diaper and dont know that new inserts have to be washed alone after the1st few uses due to.

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How to prep: Microfiber inserts don't need to be prepped. They arrive at their The only benefit of the charcoal is to make the insert a dark color. Another thing to .

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Doublers are used with cloth diaper inserts to provide extra absorbency in a plan to use a doubler made of microfiber or Zorb soaker, you'll want to make sure . Lil Helper Charcoal Bamboo Insert & Soaker Set - This set includes 2 inserts ( a.

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Prepping Charcoal Bamboo 5-Layer Inserts Cloth Diaper Inserts, Cloth Diaper . Here are 5 advantages of the Prefold Diaper over every other diapering system.

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Combine the benefit of bamboo charcoal and microfiber to make it more absorbent. 5 layers in total with 2 outer layers: % bamboo charcoal and 3 middle.