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Ikokore is a Nigerian Yam Pottage dish made with Water yam any other proteins you're using, then the Ogiri, leave to cook for 10 minutes.

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Water Yam Porridge: Simple Steps On Preparing Ikokore (With Pictures). Ikokore which is also called Ifokore, is a typical Ijebu food, a type of.

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The dominant ingredient used is water yam which is a species of a tuberous root. These are the ingredients required to prepare this dish. Oto.

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Reduce the flame to a low burn to allow the water yam balls cook through. outside you may use a wooden spoon to stir the pottage, avoid squashing the balls.

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Nigerian Yam Porridge Without Palm Oil: How Make Yam Porridge In How To Prepare Nigerian Ojojo (water Yam Fritters) / Water Yam Porridge/ikokore.

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IKOKORE is an Ijebu delicacy. It is a special meal that if it is not on the menu at their party, then the ceremony is not complete. As homemakers.

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Water Yam Pottage - Ikokore. Galleria Health and Lifestyle. Articles: How Healthy Are You?, links and resources about health and lifestyle in Nigeria.