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WordPerfect is a word processing application produced by Corel; similar to the Microsoft Office Word product. WordPerfect ships with several monthly calendar templates to use for quick calendar creation. Making a calendar using the WordPerfect calendar templates may be accomplished.

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[Note that this will change only the text labels on the printed calendars (and in the "Choose the Month" drop list on the menu), not the macro.

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I can't remember for sure, but I think the calendar template is installed in a standard or typical installation. (Only a few of the templates that come.

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I am a rank beginner at writing WordPerfect macros (though I use macros a lot in "There should be a way to modify the Calendar template to have it create.

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WordPerfect default templates store customization information for WordPerfect®. This file is very important to WordPerfect and your WordPerfect.

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When you open a template as a document in WordPerfect, the template is not modified after you save the file. You can, however, modify the.

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buried by years of accumulated e-mail, contacts, calendar, and folder clutter. .. Standard desktop printing and viewing — creates a PDF suitable for viewing or.