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HomeLink® Programming for Garage Door Opener​. 5 Steps To Program Your HomeLink® System. ​​Note: Some vehicles may require the ignition be turned.

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I didn't need a handheld remote to program Homelink on other cars. The thing to do is find the instructions (online) for your garage door.

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The only way to program Homelink without a garage door opener remote is if you have a keypad that allows access to your garage. I tried.

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way to program home link without a transmitter that opens the garage door? This sets the in-car remote transmitter to be your garage door.

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Smart Learn Button I lost my garage door opener remote & having no luck in programming my homelink via the Smart Learn button. I clear the.

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Is there a way for me to train my homelink without the remote? Or do I have the opener (killing all the codes in my car) trying to reprogram a new opener. Pfft. Check to see if your garage door opener has a "Learn" button.