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How to Program Trunked Frequencies on Scanners. by Chris Waller. Some emergency scanners are able to use trunk scanning technology. Trunk scanning .

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Programming Trunking Frequencies. There are three steps for programming a trunked system: 1. Program the Trunk Type – What type of system will the scanner.

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See this category page to see the scanners that can monitor trunked systems. '' On the trunking system I am trying to program, some of the frequencies listed.

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Its trunking frequencies and that is the control frequency Using ARC and trying to program the Kansas P25 system in. I 'think' I.

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When programming an MHz trunked system you must choose one of 4 frequency plans before you begin to Control Channel Trunk. The default, Plan 1, .

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Uniden BCT8 Manual Online: Programming Trunking Frequencies, Step 1: Selecting Trunking System Type. There Are Three Steps For Programming A Trunked.