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How do they even keep that bright and vibrant lipstick in place? The easiest way to prevent smudging of lipstick is by applying a lip primer.

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But when it comes to making a classic lipstick formula stay put, those "It's a tricky move to pull off in public without calling attention to yourself.

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Prep your lips: Applying lipstick to dry or cracked lips means that not only will it shift off, but you'll also see the flakes through the color.

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To save you time, here are 5 lipstick hacks which will keep your look fresh throughout the I refused to kiss the princess without her consent: AIB co- founder Rohan Joshi . To get the perfect pout, apply the lipstick using a lip brush. By creating this boundary, you can prevent your lipstick from smudging.

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However, your lips should feel fairly dry to the touch when applying lipstick The powder will absorb the excess moisture of the lipstick (without.

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Nothing is worse than watching your lipstick application fade and bleed from sight. Check out these 5 key lisptick tricks to help your lip color stay put.

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If you're applying a lipstick color similar to one of the other 4 shades in the line, you're after, the “pat-smudge” technique is an easy way to apply your lipstick.

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"Apply lip liner to the outline of your lips, as well as filling in the majority of your Translucent powder is the key to creating a perfect, smudge-free lipstick look.

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How to Keep Fall's Dark Lipstick Smudge-Free novice at rocking a vampy bullet, no one is spared from annoying smudges. Bullets aside, the biggest key to keep your lipstick perfect throughout the day is putting in a little.