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If you're talking about the little pink C icon on the Snapchat icon, that's your CocoPPa wallpaper dressup. Uninstall CocoPPa. (You might have.

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Please be sure to delete any unneeded shortcut icons. The steps required to delete icons vary from device to device. Please delete any unneeded icons via the.

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How to Change Your Icons: This is a FREE app with NO JAILBREAK. As you can see, You can delete the cocoppa icon and change it on the app. Comment.

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How to Use the Cocoppa App. Want to change the look of your homepage without jailbreaking? CocoPPa is a A Safari window will automatically open for you to download the icon. . On How to Remove Mold and Mildew, a reader asks .

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Cocoppa lets you customize your phone with cute icons and wallpapers. If you want On How to Remove a Felony From Your Record, a reader asks: Are there .

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We have picked out the best iOS apps that let you change app icons on your Even better, CocoPPa enables you to create shortcut icon from your photos as.