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If it's just white powdery residue from when the tiles were grouted you could try removing this by polishing with a clean cloth/rag and some.

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During a slate tile installation process, grout is installed between the slate tiles after the tiles are laid. Grout is worked into the space with a damp sponge, and the.

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A friend laid a slate floor and did not get the grout off the surface of the tile, it's been dried for 4 days now. There is heavy buildup in spots.

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You'll need to get the grout off, and do it safely so as not to discolor or ruin the slate tiles. Therefore, buying a grout haze remover will get the job.

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Whether the job was unexpectedly halted or the mortar dried on the slate tiles accidentally, there is no reason to panic. Removing dried mortar.

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ANSWER - To clean a cementitious grout off of a natural slate stone, you need to carefully chisel off any large chunks of grout. To remove the grout haze you.

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Spills and stains that are allowed to soak into unsealed stone can permanently mar slate tiles, and the problems can start with the installation process itself.

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While grout wipes away easily with a damp sponge when wet, slate tiles have a textured surface that can add difficulty to grout removal after the.

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Slate flooring is one of the most desired types of stone flooring in homes and businesses today. Slate is known for its many good qualities, not.

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Is it natural slate? If I'm reading this right, ya didn't finish cleaning the slop from grouting and the thin amount on the tile dried. If it's natural slate.