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Apr 18, Note that the silencer is actually held together with a pair of bolts to make repacking easy. FMF does this on many of their mufflers, as well. Bolts.

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Sep 2, We picked up some new packing from FMF to show you how to repack your muffler on two- and four stroke machines. For our Yamaha Blaster.

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Dec 30, Presented by | We stopped over at the FMF Headquarters to have George Luttig tell us how FMF properly repacks a muffler.

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Repacking Instructions. INSTRUCTIONS. 1. Remove the screws and reinforcement bands from the front end cap of the muffler; keep for re-assembly. 2 .

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Oct 28, Some aftermarket mufflers, like FMF for example, use screws rather than the rivets for easier muffler repacking. See FMF products at online.

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Apr 17, I see plenty of you have FMF silencers on your bikes, but how many of you have done a repack on your silencer yet? What packing did you use.

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Jul 20, I have a turbinecore 2 spark arrested silencer for my , and it leaks oil bad. So i took it apart. I pulled out the first section of packing out. It was.

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Apr 15, I was wondering if there is an easy way to tell when to repack the muffler? I I just repacked my FMF Q with the Silent Sport cartridege (sure.

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Apr 15, On the paperwork for my FMF Q's, it states "repack every 10 K miles if properly jetted". It was the on the back side of the instalation sheet.