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Hard reset your Android phone or tablet when you forget the passcode or lock locked out of your Android Tablet or phone, then you already know that it can be a .. I cannot do a factory reset the Android is dead and nothing is coming up for .

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The screen is dead so I can't get into it to reset it to factory settings as requested by the See, that's what I get for finally putting a real lock on.

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Computer, tablet, or phone not starting, or seemingly frozen in time? can tell you about the reset and repair processes that work a lot of the time. . For Android, everything needs to be done on the device, and you'll lose all.

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Briefly state the reasons that make an Android phone frozen or dead, and If your phone cannot be turned on, the factory reset is an effective.

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That might mean that your battery is dead and needs replacing. If your phone has To reset your Android phone using Recovery Mode, follow the steps below.

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Is your Android phone or tablet failing to power on? Performing a soft reset is dead simple on the vast majority of Android devices: . That means it's not dead.

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Want to know how to fix dead Android phone? Don't look Download”. That's it! Now simply disconnect your phone and wait for it to reboot.

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Once you are in Recovery Mode Scroll to wipe data/factory reset by pressing possible to retrieve data from a dead phone without external storage inside the I am very surprised that there is no information on this subject.