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In Windows, if your display settings have been changed to make the display illegible, you can reset the display by rebooting in Safe Mode. To do so: Windows 8. While the computer is booting, when the Power On Self Test is.

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Sometimes you want to return your Windows 8 settings to the way they were Your salvation lies in the Restore Default button, which awaits your From the desktop, right-click in the screen's bottom-left corner and choose Control Panel.

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With Windows 8, almost everything on the Start screen looks WAY too big. I wish that Windows would let me adjust the display to make things SMALLER than.

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You can try to press Fn + F1 (or just F1) a few times to toggle between display modes.

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This is a basic setting on the windows Action Center. All you have to do is press the notification button, and press night light to turn it off.

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Restoring your display settings can alleviate common monitor problems. desktop and select "Settings" if your computer is running Windows.

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In order to increase or decrease the brightness of your Windows 8 laptop screen, you can use the shortcut keys (a combination of multiple.