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Always hold your trombone by the slide brace while resting and make sure the slide lock is Restringing the Rotary Valve (when applicable).

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Bass Trombone. □ Slide. * Due to improvements, specifications and appearance may change without notice. . below then fasten the string in place with the.

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This is the slide position chart for a Bb-F-Gb independent double trigger bass trombone. (T = the F attachment trigger plus the slide position number, TT = both .

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Chromatic Slide Position Chart for Tenor and Bass Trombones? Note: Only the most commonly used positions are listed here, in order of preference.

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the bass trombone. The author's evaluation of the available methods for bass trombone reveals, however, pattern, simple or extensive, with a plan of valve and slide usage that is efficient and provides the String Bass, Tuba). Miami, FL.

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Slide Position Chart · Joe Dixon Position Chart. Exercises 33 Ways to Improve Your Beginner Trombone Sectoin · Trombone Slide Action Orchestral String.