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The next step will be for you to check the box labeled “Save standardized values as variables.” To put a check in this box, simply click the box with your mouse.

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Z-scores are linearly transformed data values having a mean of zero and a test_1 test_2/save. in which “save” means “save z-scores as new variables in my .

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Then, make sure the 'Save standardized values as variables' box is selected, because selecting this option instructs SPSS to create a new variable of z-scores .

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Computing Z-scores using SPSS. Analyze Descriptives Descriptives. Move 'age' into the variable(s) box and select the “Save standardized values as.

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I will show you the incredibly easy way to create Z-scores (standard scores) by using SPSS. Also, click the option to Save standardized values as variables.

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The save subcommand tells SPSS to make and save the z-scores of the variables listed on the descriptives command. SPSS saves the new variable(s) by .

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The DESCRIPTIVES procedure's SAVE subcommand, which requires no keywords or further specification, saves standardized z scores to the.

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Though SPSS does not readily provide z-scores in descriptive click on the " Save standardized values as variables" box at the bottom of the.

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SPSS Demonstration [GSS14SSDS-B]Producing Z Scores With SPSS. (Save standardized values as variables), create standardized values, or Z scores.

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The z-score transformation standardizes variables to the same scale, producing To obtain z scores for all specified variables, use the SAVE subcommand.