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1/ - one two thousandth 2/ - two two thousandths 1/ - one(a) thousandth. Retired English Teacher We say: one over ten.

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Spanish Numbers: How to Count from 1 – 1,+ in Spanish. by Benny For numbers from , take the rightmost digit and say “diez + y + (digit)”. E.g.

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Cardinal numbers from 1 through 1,, 1, one, 11, eleven, 21, twenty-one, 31, thirty-one. 2, two, 12, twelve, 22, twenty-two, 40, forty. 3, three, 13, thirteen.

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Write how many hundreds ("one hundred", "two hundred", etc), then the rest of the number as above. In UK English use "hundred and".

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Numbers in English - English Vocabulary for English Learners. Los números en are used = Henry VIII but in Spoken English you would say Henry the Eighth.

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First of all, here are the Spanish numbers from 0 to 9: To form the rest of the numbers, just write first the word for the.