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uncle, 삼촌, samchon. maternal aunt, 이모, imo. husband of one's maternal aunt, 이모부, imobu. paternal aunt, 고모, gomo. husband of one's paternal aunt.

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Words for family members and other relatives in Korean. uncle, 삼촌 (samchon) . maternal aunt paternal aunt, 고모 (gomo). paternal aunt's husband, 고모부 ( gomobu) Learn to speak Korean confidently and naturally with Rocket Korean.

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Family and kinship terms in Korean: paternal uncle: 삼촌 (father's unmarried younger brother), 큰아버지 (father's older brother, irrespective of marital status).

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Unmarried uncle. sam-chon 'three-CHON' ace/acci. oe-sam-chon. Parent's married older brother. khûn-apôci 'big-father' paek-pu > su-kpu. (khûn-)oe-sam- chon.

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Paternal Uncles (now this gets quite tricky): . meaning 'fifth degree uncle' and this can give a clear explanation of your relationship with that.

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As a native Korean teenager, although I have no existing aunt in my family, we call them '이모', or in the English Discover what your DNA has to say about your health with 23andMe. Learn what Uncle is '삼촌', pronounced as ' samchon'.

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My question was, “What should I call my father's uncle's daughter?”! i' m just wondering how you say May 30 in Reply.

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Korean has multiple words that specifically describe how the aunt or uncle is related. For example, rather than only saying “aunt”, there are.