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There are many approaches available to scale PostgreSQL beyond running on Your users take a local copy of the database with them on laptops when replication and clustering technology outside the scope of the main.

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5 High availability. Replica; Failure detection and failover; Split brain; Backup and recovery based on WAL; Disaster recovery.

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Postgres \copy is a mechanism for you to bulk load data in or out of node in a Citus database cluster is able to help you at scaling writes.

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However, the theory of scaling out SQL is now well-understood and is starting to In this talk - based on his years of work on Postgres and at Citus Data working .

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We currently process + PostgreSQL transactions per second across multiple clusters. In addition On top of that, we're scaling our infrastructure at a rapid rate. Set up a logical replication of the database using Slony. 4. Copy the snapshot of the upgraded master to the storage device of the slaves.

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Postgres \copy is a mechanism for you to bulk load data in or out of three primary ways to scale out your writes in single-node Postgres.