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When a workflow is scheduled it will run all instances configured in the workflow. Is there a command line method to add and remove instances.

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One way to reduce the load time is by running different ETL process in parallel. Informatica PowerCenter's capability to run workflow concurrently can be used in such scenarios to reduce the ETL load time. A concurrent workflow is a workflow that can run as multiple instances.

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By default Informatica workflows cannot be triggered again if they are already running. But there are scenarios where we need to trigger.

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What is concurrent work flow? A concurrent workflow is a workflow that can run as multiple instances concurrently. What is workflow instance?.

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Please help me How to define concurrent instance of a workflow and where and how will we resolve the parameters.

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"Hello How to Run concurrent workflow from PMCMD command prompt, I haven't tried this before with informatica workflows, but it should be possible I believe Sri is trying to schedule two different work flows at the same.

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Configuring Concurrent Execution of Workflow in Informatica to parameter files every time before you run for particular set, We can use "Configure Concurrent Execution" option from workflow properties. Target Load Plan.