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Lets you quickly and precisely select individual or multiple objects. You can select a single object (even if it's in a group), all objects within a.

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Today we will review a few tricks that allow you to quickly select multiple objects in select multiple layers and sublayers in the Layers panel in Adobe Illustrator.

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Clicking multiple objects within a complex or intricate design can be Learn how to select by color in Illustrator, plus other shortcuts in the Select menu. + FREE Cheat Sheet ยท How to Use the Type Tool in Illustrator to Alter.

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The Illustrator selection tool is for selecting objects in your layouts, on an empty part of your layout and drag a box around multiple objects.

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We have the ability to click on one layer, hold shift and click on another layer to select all the layers in between. Just like in Photoshop and After.

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Learn how to select multiple artboards. Selecting multiple artboards: Illustrator CC New Features. Preview This Course. Video Player.

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Transforming Multiple Objects Simultaneously. When you select several objects, Illustrator performs all transformations based on a single origin.