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This is a very quick tip on how to change aperture on Nikon D40, Nikon D40x and In Aperture Priority mode, you set the lens aperture manually, while the.

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In S mode you set the Shutter and the D40 sets the aperture. If the D40 runs out of available apertures you easily can get under or over exposure in S mode.

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This overview of the Nikon D40/D40X exposure modes includes Auto and the of sharp focus); and adjust shutter speed to determine if moving objects appear.

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Photographic Triangle A correct exposure (picture) is a combination of your choice of the right To adjust the aperture on the Nikon D Press the info button.

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The command dial (the rotating doodah by your thumb) changes the shutter speed. Press the aperture button whilst rotating the command dial changes the.

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I find using manual then makes exposure compensation very easy on the D40 as you can simply rotate the thumbwheel on the back of the.

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Nikon D40 Review - D40 Exposure. Available exposure modes include Full Auto, Program AE, Manual, Aperture Priority, and Shutter Priority modes with.