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When you're launching tomcat server from netbeans IDE you need to check in menu "tools->servers" on connection tab for tomcat server - there is catalina base .

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This section will show you how to install the Tomcat Manager. password="tomcat" roles="manager-gui"/>. This will create a user with.

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After installing a new Tomcat server, there will be no user created by default to access Administrator and Manager web interfaces.

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Before you can edit the tomcat-users file, you must run a web application in NetBeans. Some roles are predefined by Tomcat: manager and admin. When you run the application, it will force you to log in, using the tomcat password that I.

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To enable access to the Manager web application, you must either create a new username/password combination and associate one of the manager-xxx roles.

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To use the Tomcat Administration and Management tools, you must create a user with "admin" and "manager" roles. To do this, follow user username = "admin" password = "myAdminPwd". fullName.

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To enable users to access the Tomcat manager page, add a user as the (http:// localhost/manager) with user = “admin” and password = “admin” Is there any other thing to configure in order to get into the manager.

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The Apache Tomcat Manager can be accessed using a known set of you must define such a user - the username and password are arbitrary.

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Define a role named admin (if tomcat6) or manager-gui (tomcat7). Then, define a user named as you want with the password you like AND the.