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vtp password. To set the password for the VTP administrative domain, use the vtp password command. To remove the administrative password, use the no form.

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(Optional) Set the password for the VTP domain. The password can be 8 to 64 characters.

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Configure VTP domain and password. hi,. i'm in the midst of standardizing our switch fabric. i haven't touched LAN switch for some time and got.

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For domain name and password configuration guidelines, see the “Domain Names” section on page VTP Modes. You can configure a supported switch or.

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Up until now, I've read that you use the 'show vtp password' command to show the vtp password on a I have 3 switches setup as follows.

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How to configure VLAN Trunk Protocol commands to enable client mode. vtp mode client vtp domain test vtp password testpassword.

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VTP Password: None. VTP Pruning: Disabled. The other commands you will want to use in Global Configuration mode are listed here. In order to configure VTP.

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This lesson explainsHow to configure VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) configure the VTP domain as '', VTP mode as 'Server' and VTP password.