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Spanish speakers may encounter pronunciation and intonation problems when they speak English because they are applying a Spanish "sound system" to.

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Here are 6 quick tricks that'll greatly improve your Spanish accent! A few months ago, I was talking to a Spanish friend in a bar in my home city of Cáceres, Spain. Some sounds in Spanish are quite difficult for English speakers to master.

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I don't claim to speak Spanish perfectly, but in this article I'm going to explore some of the most common mistakes we English speakers make. The full intricacies.

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English Ninjas are online 24/7 to help you improve your English speaking skills. Learn More How do I obtain a more natural Spanish accent? 1, Views.

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I understand your desire to get rid of the accent. People will treat you very differently when you have a strong accent vs when your pronunciation is closer to .

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I wanted to ask the english speaker what are those most common charactheristics the spanish speakers have talking english. Some people.

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How to Improve Spanish Accent. Learning Spanish? but it does take a "tilde," which is a wavy line indicating a "ny" sound (as in the English word "canyon").