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Since we're on the subject of double coated fleeces, let's talk about It is important to note that, according to the current issue of Spin-Off.

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I've had a few requests on the best way to separate a double coated fleece As bonus I have a nice fleece to play with and spin up for myself:).

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I promised, months ago, a post about dual-coated Icelandic wool. Given the sad fact that I've been too busy to knit much (I'm spinning, but.

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The Icelandic fleece is dual coated, meaning that it has a long outer coat The tog is classed as a medium wool with a spinning count, or 27 microns.

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I take part in the SpinDoctor Wool Breed Challenge on Ravelry. The sheep is dual coated, but the "improved" Shetland has less differencies.

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The fleece from Icelandic sheep has an inner and outer coat typical of the more The fleece is dual-coated and comes in white as well as a range of browns.

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It is a dual coated fleece, with the typical triangular shaped staples of such a One thing that I had to deal with before spinning was all the VM.

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The Icelandic fleece is unique, there are two types of wool in one fleece, some refer to this as dual coated. The longer wavy or corkscrewed.

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Icelandic sheep: Dual coated fleece - this fleece is the most versatile of all breeds and is a hand spinner's dream! The wool also felts easily and is prized by fiber.

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As you can see, this is geared toward dual-coated fleeces. We will start out by inspecting and understanding the properties of each type of fleece, then move on .