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Exercise your jaw. Exercises play an important role in the treatment of lockjaw. If done correctly and regularly, they help treat as well as possibly prevent lockjaw.

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Avoid extreme jaw movements. Keep yawning and chewing (especially gum or ice) to a minimum and don't yell, sing, or do anything that forces.

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Tetanus, also called Lockjaw, is a serious bacterial infection that affects the nervous Vaccination can prevent tetanus infections, but only if you receive your .

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Learn about what lockjaw is and how common it is, plus its associated symptoms and options for treatment.

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Here are some ways to relieve stress on the jaw and prevent TMJ/TMD: Avoid grinding or clenching your teeth, and minimize chewy or hard foods in your diet.

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Often associated with tetanus, lockjaw can be caused by many other Avoid Tooth Pain and Related Health Complications: Protect Your Teeth.

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If there is pain or tension in your mouth that prevents you from fully opening your jaw it is likely that you have lockjaw. This disorder itself is.