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Lacrosse shooting strings can make or break your pocket, so understanding their value Figure 2: Where StringKing Places There Shooting Strings and Nylon.

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I string my sticks, but I always do the same shooter strings, i want to find hold which is on nylon weave and a straight shooter weave and a U.

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Includes: 1 shooting string ​Note: Typical Women's Pockets are strung with: 1 Runner, 2 Leathers, 2 pieces of crosslace, 3 Sidewall strings, and 2 Shooting.

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Hi, Sorry for the newbie question -- I'm embarking on my first stringing job and I see some people use nylon shooters while others use hockey.

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Someone strung my stick with 2 nylon shooters, not the hockey laces people string their sticks with 2 hoecky lace shooters and one nylon at.

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Includes: Mesh, two sidewall nylon strings (long strings), one top nylon string ( middle length), one bottom string (shortest), two-three shooter strings (look like.

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1 Piece of Mesh; 1 Topstring; 2 Sidewall Strings; 3 Shooting Strings. Stringing the .. I string nylon shooters with sidewall and cloth with hockey lace. These can.

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6) For a true outside shooters pocket – the best pattern is to use 1 nylon, as a shooter, 3 diamonds down from the top string, then skip a row and.

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My favorite style of stringing is a low pocket, with a nylon and two shooting strings across the top and a "U" lower down. Although it seems to be.

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Made from premium quality materials GOAT Shooters are made to last and keep your stick dialed in all season long. Includes: 3 shooting strings. - 2 nylon.