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students expect a lower grade when working under time pressure, while .. joining the experiment and 50% of students taking the first test have studied in a.

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We performed a controlled experiment on time pressure with 97 observations from 54 Time pressure studies in software engineering. .

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The Huron University College Journal of Learning and ยท Motivation . have high levels of test anxiety and are under time pressure the quality of performance will decrease. The procedures and conditions of the experiment conformed to the.

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would under no time pressure, while others may do better thanks to the . this study by allowing subjects to arrive before the opening time of the facility. The.

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In Experiment 1 we assessed whether participants showed differences under time pressure in the nonlinearity of value . training session with an experimenter prior to beginning the computer-driven study.

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This study investigated the impact of time pressure on matching . In this experiment, observers matched pairs of faces under time pressure.