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Men devour pornography while women devour erotica book-fiction. And there's a reason why. Here's how to subtly flirt with a girl and rouse her curiosity.

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Want to know how to flirt with a woman without coming across as sleazy or creepy? One thing women find creepy in men is when a guy makes eye contact with a . It's subtle, yet gets the point across while simultaneously creating attraction.

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Subtle flirting requires a combination of confidence and a carefree attitude that For example, if you are a girl, then try playing with your hair, stroking your neck.

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Valley Girl learns how to flirt: The power of subtlety, shoes, and looking deep into one's eyes. Attracting someone should be a little more subtle, she says.

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Flirting is one of the most difficult aspects of dating to master. It requires tact and sensitivity. It also takes a certain amount of subtlety to do it effectively. If a girl.

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Smile at her but DO NOT SHOW TOO MUCH TEETH you'll only look like a creep if you do that. Compliment her and ask her name, keep eye to eye contact.

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We'll cover how to read a woman's response to your flirting and successfully to what she's saying and express your interest by making subtle eye contact.

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For women who want to meet other lesbians, flirting is an important skill. It can be subtle or overt, over the top or just under the surface.