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If you've already synced photos to your iOS device from iTunes, and then you turn on iCloud Photos on your iOS device, you'll see a message.

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I simply turned off the "Sync Music" checkbox on the "Music" tab in the page for the device on iTunes. dragged it all to the device and the music is now all playable on my iPhone (with no duplicates, despite dragging all of my music onto the device). ..

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On top of that, All Access comes with the ad-free YouTube service, YouTube You can also sync your iPhone to Media Monkey and avoid iTunes altogether.

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iTunes > How to Download and Convert Videos from YouTube to iTunes built- in Video Converter tool of Syncios to convert downloaded YouTube videos, just iPhone, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7.

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This tutorial shows how to download YouTube videos to iPad & iPhone. If you don't want to synchronize your iTunes library with the iPad in order to transfer.

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Thanks to services like Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes and YouTube, the ability to listen to music from across the world has never been more.

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With the video now saved in iTunes, sync your iPhone with your computer. In the Movies tab of the iTunes syncing screen, check the box next to.

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We show you how to download music to your iPod or iPhone so you can sync up all your favorite songs using iTunes for use on-the-go.