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How to take off your tongue piercing. CHANGING MY TONGUE RING FOR THE FIRST TIME! - Duration: Taylor Lynn , views.

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A tongue ring or piercing can make a statement about your personality. However, once you have a tongue ring it's important to make sure that it.

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Stick your tongue out as far as possible and simultaneously grasp the top and bottom beads of the barbell. To remove the tongue ring, twist the top bead.

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The answer is yes, your oral health will improve when you remove a tongue bolt. There are many reasons for this. Your tongue has a rich blood.

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The hard decision to take out your tongue piercing needs to be handled correctly to prevent infection. If you are planning on taking out your piercing temporarily.

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Three months ago I got my tongue pierced, and a month after that I got the . I didn't take my piercing out for my last interview (or any previous.