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Ankle sprains are a pain literally. Luckily, our ankle sprain kinesiology taping technique will help create stability and relieve ankle pain.

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Most ankle strapping uses a rigid sports tape such as the one found Ankle Strapping Technique to Prevent Lateral Ankle Ligament Sprains.

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Flexible tape doesn't provide the stability that many ankles require, particularly when tissues are still healing after a recent ankle sprain.

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You can also use strapping tape to help you recover from an ankle sprain and help prevent further injury, like when you land awkwardly during sport or running.

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Taping with Kinesiotape (KT) is a new method that is used as an The aim of this study is to examine the efficacy of KT on ankle sprain by.

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The most common type of ankle sprain is an inversion sprain, where the ankle rolls outward and the foot rolls inward, damaging the ligaments on the outside of .

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0% STRETCH. ANCHOR: Anchor a full strip two inches above the ankle APPLY: Apply tape down issues including ankle sprains, stretched ligaments.

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AUTHOR: Abel Renovell Blasco. Physiotherapist. Introduction. A sprained ankle is a common injury among sportsmen. If it is not treated.